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Pakistan and Indian Nationals Kidnapped and Held Captive in Romania

Pakistan and Indian Nationals Kidnapped and Held Captive in Romania

O recente incident presented by the Romanian Police has shocked the nation. A Pakistani and an Indian national, who were working in Romania, have been kidnapped from Bucharest and held captive in an apartment in Brasov. The kidnappers have demanded a huge ransom for their release.

Pakistani and Indian Nationals Abducted in Bucharest and Taken to Brasov. How Much Did the Kidnappers Demand in Exchange?

The authorities were alerted about this case two days ago. On Monday, February 12, 2024, a foreign citizen called the Police Station 24 in the Capital City and reported a possible kidnapping.

The caller, a 26-year-old man, stated that on the same day, a relative of a young foreign citizen had asked him to inform the Romanian authorities that his nephew, who he knew to be working in the country, had been kidnapped. In exchange for his release, a ransom of 10,000 euros was demanded.

In the initial stage, the police in Bucharest only became aware of the Pakistani citizen who had been kidnapped and held captive when the kidnappers contacted his family and demanded 10,000 euros for his release.

Following the investigation, the agents managed to track down the kidnappers. They were apprehended in flagrante delicto in Brasov while driving a car. In the back seat of their vehicle, along with the kidnapped Pakistani, an Indian citizen was also found. He had also been abducted for ransom.

“In the case, the uncle of the abducted man was also questioned. He stated that on the same day, around 7:50 pm, he received a video call through an online application from foreign citizens who were in a room with his 28-year-old nephew. While physically assaulting him, they verbally threatened him and demanded 10,000 euros for his release,” said the Romanian Police.

“Additionally, on the back seat of the car, there were two other men, the 28-year-old foreign citizen and another man of a different nationality, both being victims of the crimes of deprivation of liberty and blackmail,” according to the Romanian Police.

The Suspects Have Been Captured. What Was Found in Their Possession

The car in which the kidnapped individuals and the kidnappers were traveling was intercepted and stopped in traffic in Brasov County. The police immobilized and identified those inside. The suspects are a 37-year-old man and a 24-year-old man, both from Pakistan.

“Following the forensic examination of the car and the residence, several items of interest to the case were found and seized, including passports of foreign citizens, a bag containing a substance suspected to have psychoactive effects, a pistol with a blocked barrel, multiple phones, and sums of money in both Romanian currency and foreign currency,” IGPR added.

The police investigation also revealed that on Tuesday morning, a third person who was also being held captive, of another nationality, managed to escape from the apartment in Brasov where they were being held. They are believed to be a citizen of Bangladesh.

“All individuals have been taken in for questioning, and based on the evidence gathered, the necessary legal measures will be taken against the two suspects, the driver, and the passenger on the right,” announced the Romanian Police.


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