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In Romania, meteorologists are no strangers to discussing the threat of tornadoes or other extreme weather phenomena that Romanians have not experienced too often. However, there is good news from the National Meteorological Administration (ANM) as the director, Elena Mateescu, announced that the institution she leads has acquired state-of-the-art weather radars.

How Romania is preparing for tornadoes and other extreme weather phenomena

These radars will play a crucial role in warning the population many hours before a storm or tornado hits, giving people the necessary time to prepare. Additionally, the Minister of Environment, Mircea Fechet, stated that these radars will help in early detection of floods that will affect the country’s localities.

“We will have more efficient services. We will know in advance if we have extreme weather phenomena, if we need to prepare for a possible flood,” Minister Mircea Fechet emphasized. Meanwhile, Director Elena Mateescu disclosed that the seven radars will be placed in Bucharest and in several strategically important areas for meteorological specialists in our country.

“We are near the completion of one of the most important objectives among the seven objectives of the Inframeteo project, namely the finalization of works within the design and execution contract for the modernization of the meteorological radar network. We have 7 new radars. Today we are conducting the final acceptance of the last radar in Bucharest following the other six in the territory that cover the monitoring and extreme weather needs at a territorial level”, stated Elena Mateescu for Antena 3.

Almost 200 tornadoes in Romania in the last 400 years

Although tornadoes are somewhat rare in our country, being more typical of the United States, they occasionally visit these lands. Consequently, the statistics provided by specialists show that in the last 400 years, 195 tornadoes have been identified in our country.

What is a tornado and how does it form? ”A tornado is a column of air rotating between the cloud base and a surface,” explained Bogdan Antonescu, a researcher in atmospheric physics, as reported by Libertatea. The intensity of tornadoes is measured on the Fujita scale, ranging from F0 (no damage) to F5 (total destruction).

At intensity F0, tornadoes are visible but do not cause damage, while at F5, they devastate everything in their path. The most destructive tornado in world history was the Daulatpur-Saturia tornado in Bangladesh on April 26, 1989, which claimed approximately 1,300 lives. Fortunately, Romania has not faced such a situation, but specialists closely monitor this phenomenon.

”The general public, by providing information, even if not in real-time but by sharing it on social networks, helps us understand if something has occurred in that area or not,” explained the researcher. In Romanian folklore, these extreme weather phenomena are referred to as “dragons”.

It is important to note that out of the total 195 tornadoes identified in our country, 44% had an intensity of F1, with 71 classified as F3 intensity. Because they are so rare, Romanians do not know how to react when faced with such a tornado. “They are phenomena with extremely unpredictable evolution, which can change direction instantaneously. You cannot know for sure that it will not hit you,” specialists pointed out.

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