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Rusia Is Determined to Wage War with the West – UPDATE 7:15 Diplomatic tensions between Russia and the West have reached a new level as Russia unveils its aggressive military doctrine. According to reports from La Stampa, Russia’s new doctrine emphasizes a sustained war with the West, going beyond mere propaganda and translating into concrete actions. This development is alarming and raises concerns about the prospects for peace in the region. Moscova Prepares for Prolonged Warfare – UPDATE 7:15 In a show of force, Russia has developed a new military doctrine that outlines a long-term conflict with the West. Under this doctrine, Russia is arming itself for an extended period of warfare, leaving no room for prospects of a phantom peace. Such a mindset showcases Russia’s determination to confront and challenge the West on various fronts. The implications of this doctrine on regional stability and international relations cannot be ignored. President Iohannis Advocates for Ukraine in Brussels – UPDATE 6:20 Romanian President Klaus Iohannis will be attending important meetings in Brussels on January 31st and February 1st. Among these is a commemorative ceremony organized by the European Commission in honor of Jacques Delors, as well as an extraordinary session of the European Council. President Iohannis will utilize this opportunity to advocate for Ukraine to remain a top priority on the European Union’s agenda. The President’s proactive stance highlights Romania’s support for Ukraine and its desire to address the ongoing crisis in the region. Boeing GLSDB Missiles Ready for Deployment – UPDATE 5:10 After successful testing in the United States, Ukraine is set to receive a significant supply of Boeing’s Ground-Launched Small Diameter Bomb (GLSDB) projectiles. These projectiles possess a long-range capability and can strike deep into Russian-held territories. The arrival of these missiles, expected as early as Wednesday, will bolster Ukraine’s defensive capacities and provide a new strategic advantage. The GLSDB projectiles, in conjunction with the limited supply of Army Tactical Missile Systems (ATACMS) provided by the US, will significantly enhance Ukraine’s ability to engage targets at a distance twice as far as their current capabilities. This development could compel Russia to reconsider its military strategy and alter the supply lines that sustain Russian forces near the front lines. Increased Range Enhances Ukraine’s Strategic Capabilities The introduction of the Ground-Launched Small Diameter Bomb (GLSDB) from Boeing will significantly expand Ukraine’s military capabilities. With the GLSDB’s increased range, Ukrainian forces will be able to strike targets at double the distance achievable with the current missile systems, such as the HIMARS supplied by the US. This extended range will inevitably force Russia to relocate its supplies further away from the frontline, potentially exposing vulnerabilities in the Russian military infrastructure. In conclusion, Russia’s determination to escalate tensions and pursue an aggressive military doctrine against the West raises serious concerns about regional stability. President Iohannis’s advocacy for Ukraine in Brussels demonstrates Romania’s firm support for its neighboring country. The imminent delivery of Boeing GLSDB missiles will undoubtedly provide Ukraine with a vital strategic advantage, enabling them to engage targets beyond the current operational range. These developments will undoubtedly shape the geopolitical landscape and demand careful consideration from the international community. TAGS: Rusia, Doctrină militară, Occident, Moscova, Ucraina, Klaus Iohannis, Bruxelles, Relații internaționale, GLSDB, Boeing, Război, Provocare, Regionalism, Armament, Front de luptă Rusia, Doctrină militară, Occident, Moscova, Ucraina, Klaus Iohannis, Bruxelles, Relații internaționale, GLSDB, Boeing, Război, Provocare, Regionalism, Armament, Front de luptă


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