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Bianca Drăgușanu: Revelations about Plastic Surgeries and Personal Life Challenges

Bianca Drăgușanu: Revelations about Plastic Surgeries and Personal Life Challenges

Bianca Drăgușanu, the controversial public figure, has recently opened up about her life. In a candid interview with FANATIK, she admitted that she is going through a difficult period in her personal life for various reasons.

Bianca Drăgușanu Speaks Out about Plastic Surgeries and Celebrities Who Deny Them

Bianca Drăgușanu is no stranger to controversy, especially when it comes to her numerous plastic surgeries. However, she proudly embraces these procedures and accuses others of hypocrisy for denying their own surgical interventions. In her interview with FANATIK, she revealed the extent of her own surgeries.

“I am doing well, recovering as best as I can. Despite the swelling and bruising, it is a spectacular transformation. I had a facelift… But when should I have done it, at 60? What would be the point then?! I am having it now while I am still young. I used to look 35, now I look 25. I am currently in the process of updating, just like a phone (laughs).”

“I am struggling to sleep. Things have changed slightly after the general anesthesia. I am waiting to get back to normal, but it seems to take some time. I was under general anesthesia for 10 hours, continuously monitored. Anyway, I am brave and unapologetic. I don’t claim to use marigold cream or anything like that. Never… Or pretend like Loredana Groza that I haven’t had any lifts, cosmetic surgeries, interventions, botox, drinking, smoking, or sleepless nights, and that I do yoga…”.

“Let’s be honest, most of us, including Adelina, me, and Loredana… when we were young, we looked old. But I am honest, I admit it. I make money by how I appear, so of course I invest in myself… If I made money from eggs, I would start a farm. I would become a chicken (laughs uncontrollably). But what’s the situation? I admit it. Some say they have a nose job to improve their breathing… Oh, come on! Give me a break?! That’s why they get multiple procedures…”, Bianca Drăgușanu stated.

Bianca Drăgușanu: A Total Transformation Process

Bianca Drăgușanu revealed that she is currently undergoing an extensive transformation process. She plans to unveil a new version of herself – an updated Bianca – by her birthday in March. And who knows, she might undergo even more interventions in the future.

“I am being honest, I would have everything done. Not now, of course. Right now, I want to heal. I even dissolved my lips… I started the transformation process back in December. I removed my eyebrow tattoo, had a facelift. I lifted my facial muscles; I didn’t have any skin problems. But I believed it could be better than it was. Anyway, January is the month for cosmetic surgeries. I thought I could improve myself during these months, January, February… By the time of my birthday, I will be renewed… I was attractive before, but if there is room for improvement, why not? I have resolved everything for the next 15-20 years. I will reshape them starting today. I will give them a different form and hydrate them… I am not transforming into someone else. I am only transforming into myself,” Bianca Drăgușanu further explained.

Regarding the attention surrounding the face mask she was seen wearing in public, Bianca clarified where she obtained it. “Where did I get the face mask? I made it at a workshop. It’s a cool mask, like Kim Kardashian’s. Instead of people looking at me shocked because of my bruises and assuming I got beaten up, it’s better for them to see a sexy ninja. And honestly, it’s proof that people love me. People greet me while wearing the mask; some even take pictures with me,” she shared.

Bianca’s Serious Personal Challenges

While Bianca’s ongoing transformation is progressing well, she has encountered other troubles in her personal life. She admitted that things are far from being as she desires. Firstly, her beloved dog is currently going through a difficult time.

“I revived him, literally. I have a 750-gram Pomeranian, and he has been unwell for some time now. I am giving him antibiotics… His mother woke up and told me he wasn’t breathing anymore. I resuscitated him, and now he’s in a better condition. I panicked and even cried,” Bianca Drăgușanu shared.

Furthermore, according to information obtained by FANATIK, Bianca’s relationship with Gabi Bădălău is also causing her distress. When asked about it, she became defensive and stated, “I don’t want to talk about Gabi. I don’t want to discuss it (their breakup). I don’t want to turn it into a subject. I won’t talk about him, no matter what,” Bianca Drăgușanu declared.

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